Rodent Snacks: A Shocking Surprise!

Gato Guard can handle rodent pest problems of any size

Rodents, those uninvited guests that scurry into our homes, pose a threat to more than just our food, health, and peace of mind. These particular pests also seemingly have a penchant for chewing on electrical wires. You’ve probably heard the horror stories of people losing power or even having their home burned down due to…

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Winter Time Pest TIPS

GATO Winter time pest defense tips fireplace

As winter approaches, pests are on the lookout for a cozy haven, and your home might just be their target. Don’t let these uninvited guests crash your winter retreat! Here are some practical and effective tips to ensure your home remains pest-free during the colder months. 1) Seal the Gaps and Cracks: Winter pests are…

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Rodent Invasion: Keeping Pests at Bay

When it comes to unwelcome guests, rodents are often considered to take the top spot. These furry intruders not only cause property damage, but also pose serious health risks by contaminating our living spaces and spreading dangerous diseases. At Gato Guard, we understand the importance of effective rodent control to ensure a safe and healthy…

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3 Risks of Letting Rodents get the Better of You and Your Home

Rodents. These include mice, rats, raccoons, beavers, chipmunks, squirrels, and a host of other furry creatures that like to burrow and chew. Despite our positive associations with Mickey Mouse as the world’s most beloved rodent, these animals can do major damage through destructive behavior and disease.

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