At Gato Guard Services, we offer a wide range of pest control services to keep your home or business safe, clean, and pest-free. Our team of experts is specially-trained and educated to ensure that your pest control services are done right, the first time. Call us today to discuss your Florida pest control needs and how we can help.

Pest Control

We cover the full gamut of pest control, from more common issues like cockroaches to more extensive projects like wildlife removal. Each client will receive a careful evaluation of their property to identify the problem areas, any potential current infestation issues, potential entry points or infestation risks, and how best to implement a pest control or pest prevention program.

Termite Control

Termites are often referred to as the “silent home killer.” This is because many home and building owners may not be aware of a termite infestation until physical damage has been done to the home. For this reason, the best plan of action is preventative treatment to make sure that termites never become a problem. For those who do experience an issue, we can help eliminate them as quickly and safely as possible.

Lawn & Shrub Care

An important aspect of keeping a home pest-free is to maintain the perimeter, which includes the lawn and garden. Unkempt yards with overgrowth and excessive debris can attract insects and wildlife, providing an ideal living and feeding area. Once these creepy-crawlies become comfortable in your yard, they can more easily invade the home through unseen entry points like cracks, holes, and gaps in windows and doors.

Weed Control

Nobody likes weeds! Not only are they unsightly and distracting from the beauty of your yard and home, but weeds can also attract pests and wildlife in the same manner as an unkempt lawn. To fully protect your home and garden from pests, home and building owners should be sure to implement effective weed control.

Rodent Control

Rodents are highly unsanitary creatures. They can cause issues in the home such as chewing up walls, electrical wiring, and other important features. They can also transmit disease and spread bacteria through the home. It’s critical to prevent rodent issues for the safety and well-being of residents.

Wildlife Removal

Wildlife removal is a special process. It requires experience, strategy, and diligence in its execution. This is why home and building owners should never take wildlife removal into their own hands. Our team of experts will carefully evaluate your nuisance wildlife issue while using the safest and most humane techniques to solve the problem once and for all.

Real Estate Inspections

No one wants a new home filled with old pests. We can provide expert real estate inspections to ensure that homes on the market are free from pests like insects and termites. We know that a termite problem can reduce the value of a home, and we work to help prevent termite infestation as well as treat existing issues in a home that needs some work.


Your crew was very professional and I will think of your company for all my pest control needs.

Sharon, Waterford Lakes