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Gato Guard Lawn & Pest Control is committed to giving our customers quality service using honest and ethical practices. Our team takes pride in our work, our image, and in keeping your property pest free.

A history of service to floridians

Gato Guard Services, Inc. was started in 1999 and is a family owned and operated lawn and pest control business. Owner, Johnny Gato has been a Central Florida resident for 40 years and is a University of Central Florida Alumni. Our team sweats the details so you and your family can have the peace of mind you deserve.

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The Keys to a Perfect Yard and a Pest Free Home

You’re driving down the street towards your house and you see your neighbor’s yard. It’s lush, green, and perfectly cut and cared for. As you turn into your driveway, you see a completely different picture. Your yard is brown, dry, and dead. You sigh in frustration. You’ve always wanted that beautiful lawn, one you can be proud of, but have never been able to put in the time it would take.
Besides, you’re not even sure where you’d begin if you did have the time.

This Lawn Care guide gives you some quick and easy tips to get the dream yard you’ve always wanted without spending tons of time.


Google Reviews

Lisa Fylio
Gato Guard Customer

Gato Guard is the best at treating the lawn and shrubs. My yard is beautiful, healthy and a gorgeous green! Dario is an amazing service member of the Gato team, he provides exceptional customer service, he is always friendly, provides amazing lawn care guidance and pays attention to detail. The Gato team is always prompt in responding to my concerns and the quality of the product is top notch. Thank you Gato!

Kelah Clarke
Gato Guard Customer

We bought a 100 year old 2 story wooden house in the historic district three years ago and GATO came highly recommended.
Lawn, pest and termite inspection and prevention.
We have had zero problems, thankfully, our lawn looks great and reliable service and customer service (thank you Heather!).
5 stars and locally owned, no corporate nonsense.
All the technicians are very polite, especially during the Covid crisis.

George Bassen
Gato Guard Customer

Gato Lawn & Pest Control is top notch, with experienced and professional employees who know the process inside and out. I felt very confident moving forward with them, as they explained things in vigorous detail, pointing out things that most homeowners may overlook regarding dry wood termites, and provided a vigorous treatment without leaving a trace. They followed up and validated that treatment was working.

I am thankful to have been paired up with this great company and the services they provided for our home!

Matthew Moses
Gato Guard Customer

When it comes to pest, Gato Gaurd is the best!!! I had professional and personal service for my home for the past year. If I have an issue or problem they are quick to come out and fix it. Diego J. is the best technician hands down here in Central, FL he has gone above and beyond to not just meet but exceed my expectations. He is knowledgeable, professional, and precise. You name it Gato Gaurd can handle it. Give them a call and let them help you with your pest problems.

Itsa Mea
Gato Guard Customer

We purchased a house at the end of 2019 and Gato came highly recommended as there were signs that a WDO was necessary. Inspection went well, they found some concerns but that's what they're paid for.

Fast forward a few months and we find a huge "nest" of ants in the wall. A call to Gato, an inspection, and we are set up for pest control. Nice and easy, as it should be.

Summed up by saying that every interaction with every employee has been an "above and beyond" experience. Call Gato, you won't be disappointed, especially if Derek shows up at your door!

Ida Miller
Gato Guard Customer

My lawn is looking really Good. Nice and Green and healthy. Jose is awesome. So helpful with answer all my question. Thanks for doing such wonderful Job.

Adrienne Gordon
Gato Guard Customer

Using Gato Guard has been amazing! My technician Dario, has provided superior quality to my lawn. I’m extremely satisfied with the services provided! Thank you!

Cerease Casimir
Gato Guard Customer

I have both their lawn service and pest control service. They are very professional and so nice. My lawn has never been greener and plush. No bug activity since they've become my pest control and the few times I've found a little activity, all I had to do was call and they had someone come out within a day or two to retreat at no additional cost. I've recommended their services to anyone who asked. My friend had a pretty bad roach issue (the small ones) and since she started using them there's no longer a problem. She thanked me for recommending Gato Guard because nothing else she did worked.

Lea Memic
Gato Guard Customer

Great service! Very helpful! Darios charisma was irresistible!!!!! Will continue doing business and continue doing a great job!

Ahmed Abdallah
Gato Guard Customer

My back yard was in bad shape . Dario is doing a tremendous job and has been able to restore the back yard. It looks great now.

Jennifer Marie Malavé
Gato Guard Customer

The folks of Gato Guard are simply the BEST!

Alex Comedia
Gato Guard Customer

Really good.

Richard Sapp
Gato Guard Customer

I have worked with numerous members of Gato Guard and they have always provided incredible service. Great service and value. Have worked with them on various projects for pest control, rodent infestation, and Wood Destroying Organism inspections. Highly recommend!