4 Secrets to a Beautiful Lawn

While there may not be a one-step cure to having a perfect lawn, here are four secrets to getting a beautiful lawn that everyone on your block will admire.

Forget the Lawn Gnomes

A common mistake in lawn beautification is thinking that instead of investing in quality landscaping, you should decorate your lawn like you would your thanksgiving table. However adding in lawn gnomes, pots and other items that really don’t belong in nature can significantly cheapen your lawn. They also often cause the areas where they sit to turn brown since they aren’t watered or given enough sunlight.

All About the Water

Watering your lawn is only half the battle in keeping your lawn green all year round. While many cities or communities may have restrictions on when you can water your lawn to preserve water, you can be sure to make every drop of water count. The struggle in Orlando lawn care is making sure that the water reaches the soil at least six inches down.

Don’t Forget to Fertilize

Sprinkle your lawn with Nitrogen based grass fertilizer to keep the grass green for longer. The Nitrogen, as it is found in Ammonia and Epsom salts will stimulate the foliage and help the lawn retain water.

Keep it Clear of Unwanted Pests

Nothing breaks up a lawn quite like a pest control problem. Whether it’s something burrowing from the soil underneath, or insects that strip your grass and soil of nutrients, you want to have it taken care of quickly and efficiently. Getting a professional there immediately can save you hundreds of dollars and from dozens of upturned areas or yellow spots.

So whatever your lawn care trials, a beautiful lawn is in your reach! Contact Gato Guard today to help you get rid of any unwanted lawn pests.

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