7 Little Changes That Will Make a Big Difference in the Life of Your Pest Control

Pest control, unfortunately, is an ongoing effort for homeowners and renters in the Orlando, Florida area. As much as we wish it were a one-time fix, the constant presence of pests makes it necessary to handle these critters consistently. The good news is that there are small changes you can make that will make a huge difference in the life of your pest control.

Try out these 7 little changes that will cut down on your pest population. Keep in mind that exterminators in Orlando can also be a cost-effective and hassle-free way to keep on top of this.

  1. Get rid of as much debris around your home as possible. This can mean trimming your hedges, getting rid of piles of wood, and clearing any areas that may have a build up of trash and/or dead plants. By removing these things from your property you are removing areas where bugs and vermin can make their homes.
  2. Don’t leave pet food out overnight. Bugs and vermin are attracted to kibble for food, so keep it in a sealed container to keep pests from seeking it out.
  3. Keep your food and garbage in sealed containers. Not only will this keep your food fresher for longer, but it will prevent pests from being able to get in and destroy it.
  4. Clean spills immediately—whether outdoors or indoors. Crumbs or puddles on a floor, counter, or cupboard, exposed liquids and food particles are very inviting for bugs and vermin.
  5. Keep your screens in good condition. Whether it’s a sliding screen door or the screen over a vent, window, or drain. Using weather stripping or weather-appropriate caulking to fill any gaps between your house and the screen will keep pests out, as well as making sure all vents are free from holes and tears.
  6. Vacuum on a regular basis. Not only will this help cut down on food crumbs, but it can also get rid of any insect eggs that you weren’t aware of.
  7. Throw away grocery bags and boxes. Sure, holding onto them can be convenient, but they are also a common way for bugs to get into your home.

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