Backyard Neighbors? Your Options for Nuisance Wildlife Removal

Part of living in Orlando is dealing with the wildlife that also lives in the area. And while you may not have alligators in your backyard (knock on wood), there are plenty of other critters that are more of a nuisance than a danger. So, how do you go about handling Orlando wildlife removal? Well, we’ve compiled a few easy, at-home options for you to try.

1. Castor Oil Granules for Underground Pests

For underground pests, try spreading castor oil granules over the areas of your yard that have been damaged by burrowing beasts. Usually about a pound of these granules will cover 1,000 spare feet, so you don’t need a ton of this product to make a difference. Most home supply stores carry a couple different options of these granules.

2. Keep Clean

This one may seem a little self explanatory, but make sure the area around your home is clean. You don’t want paper, rotten berries or fruit from any trees or bushes, or garbage hanging around your property. These items are practically invitations for wildlife to come and stay, so a little prevention can go a long way.

3. Tennis Balls and Ammonia

If there is an infestation in your backyard, try soaking tennis balls in ammonia as an option for Orlando wildlife removal. Put them in the places you suspect vermin may be living, and it will be plenty of motivation for them to vacate the premises.

4. Get Rid of Any Bird Feeders

We know that bird feeders are charming and a great way to get birds into your backyard, but if you’re struggling with wildlife nuisances, it’s time for the feeders to go. Unwanted creatures often see bird feed as a source of food, which gives them a reason to stick around and make a home in your backyard.

5. Purchase Repellents

If you’re struggling with wildlife that eats your plants or destroys your garden, try purchasing a contact repellent from your local home supply store. This product is a liquid that you can spray on your plants or trees to deter animals from eating or destroying them.

6.Get a Dog

Often the presence of a canine, even a decoy dog, is enough of an Orlando wildlife removal technique. With this, you could notice a significant drop in the unwanted creatures visiting your backyard.

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