Don’t let Sod Webworms Make a Meal Out of Your Lawn

When you work tirelessly to keep your lawn looking perfect, sod webworms can be a major headache. Sod webworms eat away the lawn, causing large patches of brown and yellow to appear. Hiring Florida Pest Control is the best way to keep sod webworms from turning your lawn into the eyesore of the neighborhood.

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What are sod webworms?

Sod webworms are caterpillars that eat turf grass. The webworms are white or tan in color and their larvae are brown or green with small spots. They are nocturnal, so it is difficult to find them unless you are checking your lawn with a flashlight at night.

Where do sod webworms Live?

Sod webworms are normally found in shrubs or trees in your yard. They have wings so you can sometimes see them flying around in the grass in late evenings and night. The larvae are what damages the grass as they eat it soon after hatching.

Do sod webworms save grass preferences?

Most sod webworms will prefer Bermuda grass, but that doesn’t mean they will not eat your Kentucky Bluegrass! The damage sod webworms inflict upon grass cover areas up to several feet, and some people will confuse the dying grass with drought or a disease. Birds can increase the damage to the lawn as they pick away at the sod worms and cause additional holes in the ground, leaving bare patches behind.

When are sod webworms an issue?

Most sod worms cause havoc during August when warmer temperatures are at their highest and the grass starts growing at a slower pace. Florida Pest Control Companies recommend spraying for sod webworms early in the year to keep them from producing the larvae. However, sod webworms can still be treated even after they hatch. A majority of larvae will attack steep slopes, banks, and dry areas of the lawn. Sod webworms prefer areas where water won’t pool.

How to Get Rid of Sod webworms

Homeowners can try some treatment methods to kill sod worms. Keeping the lawn adequately watered helps to prevent thatch, which attracts the sod webworms. You can use a soap drench (2 Tbsp. Liquid soap per gallon of water) to kill sod webworms by pouring it directly on the lawn.

Since sod webworms are frustrating to treat, call Florida Pest control and get a free quote today!

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