How to Get Your Dream Lawn & Make Your Neighbors Jealous

We all want that thick, luscious, head-turning green lawn just as much as we want that thick and luscious head of hair.

While the Florida heat and humidity don’t help our lawn or hair problems, you can learn how to fight against these harsh elements to get the lawn of your dreams.

Knowing when the grass is thirsty

Let’s face it, in Florida it doesn’t rain, it pours—it really pours. You may think that these natural showers are all your lawn needs throughout the day, however your lawn may be thirstier than you think. The water from the morning rainstorm may have immediately seeped through the soil, leaving your lawn with the risk of becoming scorched throughout the sunny afternoon.

Checking the soil to see how moist it actually is at various times of the day will help you learn your lawn’s needs so that each and every square inch can be healthy and green.

Make that lawn pest-free

Florida is a jungle out there and there are probably more species of bugs and insects living in your lawn, trees and bushes than in the swarm special you watched on the Discovery Channel. These bugs can eat the nutrients out of your grass and are most likely the reason you have difficult brown spots in certain places.

If you find that your homeopathic pest control methods aren’t cutting it, calling in for monthly or annual professional treatments could mean the difference between fighting a losing battle and getting your lawn to the state that it deserves.

Admitting when you need help

There’s no shame in admitting when you’ve been beat. Professional lawn care in Orlando can help you pick up the slack when you just don’t have the time or the energy to keep up.

Whether you want to keep your lawn pristine while you are on vacation, or your pest problem has escalated, calling and getting a free quote from a professional service can help you get your lawn to a green state that will make all your neighbors jealous.

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