How to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

Are you tired of dealing with pests inside your home? What are the best ways to deal with pest control to keep pests out of your home and from disturbing your lifestyle?

Well, here are ten tips to follow if you want to gain control over your home once again!

  1. Clean up dirty dishes as soon as possible. Leaving dirty pots on the stove or in the sink can be a welcome invitation to flies and other pests.
  2. Always cover fruit as it will attract fruit flies if it is left open. Rubber containers do a great job sealing the fruit away from pests.
  3. Throw out old food and make sure it is tossed into a garbage can that pests cannot get into.
  4. Seal all food in your pantry to prevent mice and other rodents from finding food.
  5. Use sticky traps in the pantry and other areas that are prone to pest problems.
  6. Place spider traps along the floor near the walls as it is common for spiders to get trapped in these areas easily as they get inside from the doorways. Use ant bait traps in the home as well to keep them from getting into your home and causing issues.
  7. Spray around your home with a pesticide to keep ants, spiders, and other pests from entering your home.
  8. Seal all cracks leading into your home. Use steel wool on any large cracks that a rodent can squeeze into. Hiring a professional contractor to repair missing cement will prevent rodents from entering the home in these areas.
  9. Look at the windows and doors as pests can easily enter the home in these areas. Ensure they are properly sealed to keep pests from getting inside.
  10. Clean up your yard by removing debris that commonly attracts rodents and other pests. Large piles of leaves and branches are home to rodents and snakes. Keeping your yard clean and well-manicured can reduce the likelihood of pests making a home here.

If you are dealing with snakes, use snake repellant to rid them from your yard. Most snakes are in search of rodents to eat, so removing the snakes will increase problems with mice.

Call an exterminator in Orlando to treat your yard and home with approved pesticides to control your pest problem. For additional tips on how to control pests, subscribe to our blog to learn more!

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