How to Terminate Terrible Termites

Termites with Queen

If you discovered a burglar in your house, you would throw the thief out immediately. Our advice, do the same with termites. If you suspect termites have invaded your home, call Orlando pest-control experts before the termites can cause you financial and emotional harm.

Pests not pets

Of all the pests that will make you call an exterminator, termites are among the creepiest (pun intended). One termite queen can live for 25 years and lay 2,000 eggs a day. Before a colony of termites can make itself comfortable in the foundation of your house, learn how to identify the intruder and exterminate them before they can overrun your home.

What to look for

Gato Lawn & Pest ControlHave you noticed floors that sag? Holes in your woodwork? Crumbling or hollow sounds when you tap on the wooden beams that make up the foundation and frame of your house? These are serious signs that warn of termites.

While you may not see the actual pests you can notice their presence. At the first sign of damaged wood or droppings (brown pellets), it is time to call an Orlando pest-control expert.

Why now?

Any Orlando pest-control company can tell you winter in Orlando is prime termite season. While winter in Orlando may not get as cold as other parts of the country, termites still do not enjoy the drop in temperature. They find shelter and food inside your house.

Florida residents know the danger of feeding wildlife. Termites are no different. If you discover termites gnawing away at your walls and furniture, call an Orlando pest-control expert to exterminate the bugs before this unwanted visitor never leaves.


Just like the financial repercussions of a burglar’s actions, termites can eat their way through your home and wallet. Termites cause over $5 Billion a year in home damage. Instead of dealing with the aftermath of a termite invasion, prevent an attack. Look for the early warning signs talked about in this article and call your Orlando pest control expert immediately.

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Don’t let an invasion of termites upset your Florida paradise. If you suspect termites have invaded, call Gato Guard Services to find the intruders and eliminate them before they can destroy your peace. Inspections are free and convenient.