Gato Guard Services takes pride in helping Oviedo residents keep their homes free from annoying and harmful pests. We offer the highest quality Oviedo pest control solutions, while taking care to make sure that our practices are safe and environmentally sound. Gato Guard has been a trusted name in the Oviedo area since 1999. Our Oviedo pest control specialists plan to continue to live and work in the area for many years to come, so we have a vested interest in keeping the area beautiful and offering the most sustainable solutions for our clients.

Oviedo Pest Prevention

With the favorable year-round weather conditions in the Oviedo area, pests can quickly become a nuisance at any time of the year. It is far easier to prevent a pest problem than to eliminate an existing one. Oviedo residents that care about their homes and businesses can help to protect their investments by beginning a pest prevention program. With the help of our Oviedo pest prevention specialists, your home will remain pest-free and safe for years to come.

We offer services including:

  • Termite control
  • Cockroach control
  • Flea and tick control
  • Ant control
  • Termite Inspections / WDO’s
  • Wildlife removal
  • Lawn and shrub care
  • Rodent control

Flea and Tick Treatment

Fleas and ticks often find their way into Oviedo yards and begin to make their way into homes. These parasites can be especially dangerous for children and pets. We offer non-toxic yard and home treatments to help keep these harmful insects at bay. Residents can enjoy peace of mind as they take back their yard.

Lawn & Shrub Care

Gato Guard Services also offers some of the area’s best landscaping services. We can help Oviedo residents keep lawns lush, green, and pest free. Our professionals are the best of the best when it comes to Oviedo lawn and shrub care. Gato Guard also takes pride in keeping the Oviedo area beautiful as we are centrally located in this area.

Rodent Control

A rodent problem can be costly and dangerous for Oviedo residents. Gato Guard Services offers Oviedo pest control solutions to guarantee an end to rodent problems. Our pest control professionals will not only eliminate existing pests, they will put rodent control and prevention systems in place so that there will be no infestation problems in the future. Gato Guard Services rodent control is done with the utmost consideration for the Oviedo ecosystem.

Termite Inspections

In addition to our other services, Gato Guard Services is pleased to offer area residents real estate inspections. These inspections are often required when a home is being sold. Also called “termite inspections” real estate inspections are done so that new buyers can be sure there are no wood-destroying organisms, or WDOs present in the home.

Call 407-447-9004 any time of the day or evening to find out how we can help with all of your pest control, inspection, and lawn care needs!


Your crew was very professional and I will think of your company for all my pest control needs.

Sharon, Waterford Lakes