Palm Care Service by Gato Lawn and Pest

Gato Palm Care

Gato Lawn & Pest Control offers top tier Palm Tree Care Service to keep your Central Florida Palms pristine. Gato Guard is the solution to harmful pests that can affect the health, beauty and growth of your palm trees.

Our Palm Care Service  includes a treatment to the crown of specified palms for the prevention of palm weevils and bud rot. This Palm Service also includes a granular fertilization each visit, which adds much-needed nutrients to sustain the palm.

The Palm injection option is the most effective alternative to directly spraying or to adding soil applied pesticides for pest control. Palm injections apply specially-made formula directly into the trunk where it is quickly taken up by the vascular system and distributed throughout the whole palm tree. This makes it the ideal solution to taller palms that can be difficult to spray effectively.

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