Gato Pest Control

Here at Gato Guard, we cover the full gamut of pest control, from more common issues like cockroaches to more extensive projects like wildlife removal. Each client will receive a careful evaluation of their property to identify the problem areas, any potential current infestation issues, potential entry points or infestation risks, and how best to implement a pest control or pest prevention program.

Perimeter Pest Control

One of the keys to successful pest control is keeping the perimeter of the home maintained and protected from pests. Perimeter pest control works to create a protection barrier that lies around the edges and foundation of the home or building. This form of pest control is effective as both a protection and a treatment, meaning that it can help eliminate a current infestation of pests or work to ensure that this is never a problem for home and business owners.

Preventive Tips for Pests

Even after – or before – our work is done, there are some steps that home and business owners can take to ensure that pests do not become a serious issue. Not only can these tips help keep your home pest-free, they can also help to maintain the beauty, longevity, and cleanliness of your home and yard.

Pests can be prevented through techniques such as:

Orlando Pest Control Service
Sealing cracks that surround windows and doors
Orlando Pest Control Service
Removing any debris or firewood piles from the immediate perimeter of the home
Orlando Pest Control Service
Ensuring that trash residue does not remain after the garbage is gone
Orlando Pest Control Service
Properly storing garbage until it’s time for disposal
Orlando Pest Control Service
Identifying and reducing areas that collect water or have excessive moisture

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