Gato Tree Care

Gato Guard knows that trees represent one of the largest investments to your outdoor space. Healthy landscaping is not only aesthetically pleasing, but actually helps to protect your home perimeter. Fertilization is the first step to maintaining your landscaping. In many urban areas, soil quality can be quite low. This can leave your trees susceptible to poor growth, irregular flowering, off-color leaves, and at risk for pest infestation.

Pest Risk

Pests like insects can cause harm to your trees, damaging and even killing them if left untreated. Many insects live inside your vegetation, while also using it as their food source. If your trees are harboring an infestation they can become unhealthy, which could even result in the death of the tree. Infestations have also been known to seriously damage nearby building structures, which may result in costly repairs.

Gato Tree Pest Protection

Instead of waiting around for an issue to occur, we strongly recommend being proactive and ensuring the protection of your landscaping. Gato Guard's trained professionals will treat the foliage of your trees to defend against pests that can decimate even the healthiest plant life. Applying the spray at the right time each season can greatly reduce the risk of tree pests.
Another way to protect against unwanted tree trespassers is the introduction of dormant oil treatments. Our dormant oil suffocates insect eggs, which hinders the hatching process, while also softening the exoskeletons of the surviving insects.
For certain variety of pests, Gato Guard suggests systemic treatments that are actually injected into the plant allowing the protectant to spread throughout the plant. This is strongly recommended on larger trees that can be difficult to spray.

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