Summer Pests: Catch Them Before They Ruin Your Summer

When you live in Orlando Florida, having to deal with pests is an unpleasant part of life. But in the summer time, as the heat and humidity rise, the bugs come out in full force. That’s why Orlando Florida pest control is so important. Instead of letting pests ruin your summer and make life unbearable, it’s important to take measures to catch them before they get out of hand.

As experts in Orlando Florida pest control, we’ve compiled a list of the top perpetrators, as well as what you can do to keep them at bay before summer hits.


As temperatures outside soar, your battle with ants can also increase. These small bugs can quickly access all levels of your home, get into the walls of your house, and ruin all of your unsealed food.

To prevent such attacks, an Orlando pest control professional can create a barrier between the pests outside and your home that will keep ants out of your house when the weather heats up.


Mosquitos love climates that are humid and hot, which make these bugs a common complaint in the Orlando, Florida area—especially in the summer. There are two incredibly effective ways to prevent mosquitos from being a problem for you in the hotter months.

The first is to drain all the water from around your home and property. You should also clear any debris that could potentially house these unwanted bugs. By taking away areas for mosquitos to live and reproduce, you will greatly decrease the number of these insects. If you have any questions about trouble spots on your property or potential hot zones, don’t hesitate to contact an Orlando, Florida pest control professional.

The second way to prevent mosquitos is by arming yourself with insect repellant. This sounds easy enough, but too many people forget this step and leave home without the proper protection.


These nasty pets cause problems all year round, but termites are particularly ferocious in the summer. If you think you have a termite infestation, the best thing to do is to call a local Orlando, Florida pest control professional. Between tenting your home to more localized pesticides, they can bring relief from these unwanted guests.

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