The Top Pests Destroying Your Lawn

When it comes to insects and your lawn, it is important to use the appropriate methods to treat the pests before they become a nuisance. Certain pests will start to eat away at your lawn until it is brown. Others will cause yellow spotting to occur. Florida Pest Control services provide the best treatment methods to handle all types of pests.

Residential/Commercial Pest Control

Is there a difference between residential and commercial pest control treatments? Commercial property owners are liable for health problems caused to people that come into contact with chemicals. Hiring the right Florida Pest Control company can remove the risk associated with toxic chemicals as they take correct methods to make others aware of the treatment methods.

Ants Destroy Lawn

Ants are one of the most common pests in Florida. These pests are damaging to the lawn as they create tunnels, weakening the soil. Fire ants are particularly concerning as they can bite, leading to painful stings on the skin. Never step on a fire ant hill as they will swarm and attack, leading to severe bites.

Aphids Eat Lawn

Aphids are another common pest that Florida Pest Control services can destroy. Aphids feed on a variety of vegetation, making them a major concern for homeowners. Heavy infestations can destroy lawn and will even weaken small trees.

Armyworms and Residential/Commercial Property

Florida homeowners and business owners often deal with armyworms. These pests are common in the fall and will feed on grass until they chew it to the dirt. Treatment for armyworms is done when the larvae are just starting to hatch, preventing them from eating the lawn.

Chiggers and Your Yard

Another common pest homeowners deal with are chiggers. These small black bugs will attach themselves to your skin and will case itching and irritation. These pests are hard to see, but you will know if you have them after playing in the yard and you have multiple red marks on the skin.


A major pest to lawns are cutworms. These small caterpillars will feed on the soil and grass at night. The cutworms will cause severe damage to seedlings of most grass species.


The larval stage of beetles, grubs are damaging to grass as they feed on the roots of grass. These larvae will start in the mid-late summer, and can completely ruin a lawn before it has a chance to grow properly. Florida Pest Control Companies need to treat grubs in the early summer to prevent mid-summer damage.

Hiring professionals is the best way to keep common grass pests under control. Contact your local pest control company and get a free quote today!