Warning: What Most Pest Control Companies Won’t Tell You About Their Chemicals

Pest control in Orlando is a necessity. With the hot and humid weather, bugs and other critters are a problem for residential homeowners when appropriate counter measures aren’t taken. That’s why so many people use the services of Orlando pest control companies, but a lot of clients still have questions about the products used to rid homes of these annoying creatures.

As a pest control company, we are uniquely positioned to offer insight into the pesticides used in your home, and we can also tell you what most pest companies won’t about the chemicals used to deter pests from setting up shop in your home. In fact, we’re blowing the lid off of three facts most pest control companies try to hide.

Pesticides Stick Around After They Dry

It’s a common practice to tell clients that once the pesticides are dry, you don’t have to worry about them anymore. The truth is that while much of the danger of children or pets ingesting the chemicals significantly decreases once the pesticides are dry, those chemicals stay in your home long after the drying period.

Think about it—having your home sprayed for bugs can keep pests out for at least a few months (often more). The reason for this is because the sprayed pesticide is still inside, deterring bugs and critters from entering the house. Companies sometimes purposefully mislead clients by omitting this information from what they tell you about the chemicals used.

Natural Pesticides are No Better than Normal Pesticides

A lot of companies know how important natural products are to clients. But “natural” pesticides aren’t any more natural than their sister products. While the product may begin as a naturally occurring substance (such as a plant or flower), the process in which it is made into a pesticide gives it just as much toxicity as typical pesticides.

This information is often left out, however, when pest control companies talk to clients. People deserve to know that natural pesticides can have poisonous qualities too, but most pest control companies won’t tell you this.

Some chemicals just won’t work

Almost all pest control companies will try to tell you that their pesticides will take care of your pest control needs. The truth is that this is not always true. Sometimes the products just don’t work—no matter what they do.

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