Wet Weather Woes: Understanding Pest Control During Rainy Seasons

Worried that a big downpour might wash away all your pest control efforts? Don’t be! Here at Gato Guard, we know that Mother Nature likes to throw some curveballs, but we’re here to help you be prepared for anything.

Gato Guard pest control services are made to withstand the elements in Florida so you can be pest free rain or shine

Pesticides vs. Rain: The Ultimate Showdown
You might think that all those pesky Florida pests get a free pass when the rain comes, but that’s not the case. Most homes have gutters and overhangs that keep the walls fairly dry unless we’re talking about a major storm with heavily wind-driven rain.
When we apply pesticides, they’re put on dry surfaces. Why? Because the treatment needs to bond with the area to be effective and long-lasting. If it’s raining cats and dogs, we’ll wait for the area to dry before treating. Many of the pesticides we use are designed to be insoluble in water, meaning they won’t just wash away with a little rain. However, if the forecast predicts days of relentless rain, it might be wise to reschedule your pest control appointment.

Sometimes, Rain is Your Friend
Believe it or not, rain can actually help in the fight against pests. Specially formulated granular pellets placed on your lawn during treatment need water to activate. Rain helps these insecticides penetrate the soil, where they can work their magic against pests like earwigs, spiders, crickets, ants, and more.

Rain Brings Pests Out of the Woodwork (Literally)
On the flip side, heavy rain can send pests scurrying for cover, often right into your home. Fallen branches, excess moisture, and strong winds can damage your home, creating entry points for pests looking for a dry place to shelter. Ants, for instance, may move in droves to the nearest dry spot, which might even be your living room! And let’s not forget Florida’s most infamous pest, mosquitoes, which thrive in the moisture after rainfall. Rain also leaves behind newly formed sources of standing water that serve as excellent breeding grounds for this blood-sucking pest.

Increased Pest Activity Can Mean More Effective Treatments
While rain can drive pests indoors, it also brings them to the surface where they are more likely to come into contact with applied pesticides. Burrowing pests like ants and termites, which usually evade surface-level treatments, become more exposed during heavy rain, making our treatments even more effective.

In Summary
Rainy days don’t have to mean a setback for your pest control efforts. At Gato Guard, we’ve got the expertise to handle pest control, rain or shine. If you’re ever in doubt or have questions about how weather affects your treatments, give GATO GUARD a call. We’re here to help keep your home pest-free, no matter what the weather brings.