3 Risks of Letting Rodents get the Better of You and Your Home

Rodents. These include mice, rats, raccoons, beavers, chipmunks, squirrels, and a host of other furry creatures that like to burrow and chew. Despite our positive associations with Mickey Mouse as the world’s most beloved rodent, these animals can do major damage through destructive behavior and disease.

Rodent Control by Gato Pest

While you may think that little mouse hiding behind your refrigerator looks cute nibbling on discarded breadcrumb, beware. He is more dangerous than you might think. During the cold winter months, more mice and other rodents find refuge in buildings and homes. With this rush by our furry friends to find refuge indoors, they bring with them several problems that homeowners should be aware of.


Mice like to chew. They are programmed for it. They are constantly nibbling and chewing to keep their teeth healthy and also to stave off boredom. They have sharp front teeth called incisors that can chew through just about anything. And they do.

Nothing is off limits, from electrical wires to water pipes to timber to furniture. Not only can this create substantial replacement costs, but can also create destructive or dangerous situations in your home.

Imagine a mouse chewing through water pipes in the wall and causing a major leak or chewing into an electrical wire that sparks a house fire. Your property and even the safety of your family are at risk when you have these pests in your home.


In addition to the damage that they cause, rodents carry a number of diseases that are passed on to humans. According to the Center for Disease Control, there are eleven diseases that can be directly transmitted by rodents.

Some of these include Hantavirus, Hemorrhagic Fever, Salmonella, Rat Bite Fever, Tapeworms, Typhus, Bubonic Plague, and Weil’s Disease. All of these diseases come with nasty and often life threatening symptoms.


The bad news is that many insurance companies, while they will cover damages from wild animals, won’t cover damage caused by pests. So if, for example, a bear breaks into your house and tears up your walls and furniture, you would be covered. But if a mouse chews through your wires or damages an expensive rug, you are out of luck.

Some insurers will cover pest damage from pests, but generally only as an expensive add-on to your existing policy. So either way, these pests are going to cost you.

If you have seen signs of a rodent infestation in your home (droppings, nests, etc.) contact us immediately. We are a professional rodent removal company that will quickly and expertly take care of your problem.